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Why Us And Not Them

You May Ask,”Why Us?”

As an authorized dealer of Kott Koatings, we carry only the very best in bath tub refnishing products. Our Kott Koating’s products are the “Original Bathtub Refinishers.” No other company in the world has the knowldege of materials that Kott Koatings manufactures exclusively for Kott Refinishings.

Here Are Some Of The Ways Kott Refinishings Differs From The Competition

We Are The Experts & We Can Prove It By Our:
  • Durability

    Acid & Stain resistant are 2 qualities that are perfect when it comes to reglazing countertops, bathtubs & surfaces that will come in contact with different household foods, juices and cleaners.

  • Time Tested

    For over 55 years, developing and testing have been the backbone of the Kott Koatings name. This translates into literally millions of units restored and resurfaced with the exclusive Kott Koatings compounds & glazes.

  • Safety Reports

    Not only have the Kott Koatings glazes passed the test of time, but also have been tested & certified to be “non toxic” for food preperation surfaces. This is the most stringent testing done on any given material for safety and usage. As an exclusive Kott Koatings dealer, we are the only ones who can offer this superior quality.


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